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Keywords: APSIM Simulation Model Agricultural systems Crop Farming system Gene-to-phenotype model a b s t r a c t Agricultural systems models worldwide are increasingly being used to explore options and solutions for the food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation and carbon trading problem domains. APSIM (Agricultural Production Systems(More)
During the past decade, the application of agricultural production systems modelling has rapidly expanded while there has been less emphasis on model improvement. Cropping systems modelling has become agricultural modelling, incorporating new capabilities enabling analyses in the domains of greenhouse gas emissions, soil carbon changes, ecosystem services,(More)
Keywords: APSIM DairyMod DIESE FASSET GRAZPLAN IFSM Pastoral farm system SGS Pasture Model Simulation model a b s t r a c t Pastoral systems are characterised by a number of features that are absent in arable cropping systems. These features include: (i) pastures are biologically diverse so interactions between plant species must be considered; (ii)(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT Matching forage supply to demand is a key issue in efficient pastoral production and one of the few tools that sheep and beef farmers have to manipulate supply is the mix of forages on their farm. With an extensive range of species and cultivars available, the problem of choosing which forage to sow can be daunting. This paper describes(More)
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