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In a study of chronic epileptics in a residential centre we recorded a 56% incidence of Dupuytren's disease. The lesions were usually bilateral and symmetrical and frequently associated with knuckle pads and plantar nodules. There was no direct relationship between Dupuytren's disease and frozen shoulder. Dupuytren's disease was seen equally in those with(More)
1. A fast, simple, accurate method for the assay of triglycerides on the ABA-100 is described. 2. The Abbott A-Gent Triglyceride kit, Calbiochem Triglyceride Stat-Pack reagent and the Smith Kline French Eskalab Triglyceride reagent were evaluated for use with this method. The reagents were all found to be satisfactory, but the Abbott A-Gent Triglyceride kit(More)
Initiatives are underway to increase links between researchers and inventors working in the diagnostics sector and companies ready to commercialize the new technologies. This article describes the formation and aims of two groups working in this area, and reports on a review that has been made of the market requirements and opportunities for advanced(More)