Valerie Lafond-Favieres

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Today’s maintenance technicians require timely, situation-specific electronic task guidance and support while their managers desire increased performance and decreased costs. Innovative Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) architectures provide user-centered and performance-centered electronic environments that allow users to accomplish tasks with(More)
Robot navigation and control are means by which robots can move around in their environment to accomplish tasks. This extended abstract reports on some research that we are currently conducting on control strategies for robot navigation. In particular, comparisons between sonar navigation and dead reckoning were made, to see to what extent the robot could(More)
Would an ill person interact with an application the same way as a healthy person? Could a simulation of a chemical spill provide the same stressful environment for emergency response workers to give realistic feedback about the usability of a chemical spill assistant application? Researchers have noted [1, 2] that traditional laboratory usability studies(More)
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