Valerie Krugler

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The natural language processing community has recently experienced a growth of interest in domain independent shallow semantic parsing—the process of assigning a Who did What to Whom, When, Where, Why, How etc. structure to plain text. This process entails identifying groups of words in a sentence that represent these semantic arguments and assigning(More)
In this paper we describe question answering research being pursued as a joint project between Columbia University and the University of Colorado at Boulder as part of ARDA’s AQUAINT program. As a foundation for targeting complex questions involving opinions, events, and paragraph-length answers, we recently built two systems for answering short factual(More)
Text mining is based on the statistical analysis of a term, either word or phrase. Statistical analysis of a term frequency captures the importance of the term within document only. Usually in text mining techniques the basic measures like term frequency of a term (word or phrase) is computed to compute the importance of the term in the document. But with(More)
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