Valerie Girardin

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We study entropy rates of random sequences for general entropy functionals including the classical Shannon and Rényi entropies and the more recent Tsallis and Sharma-Mittal ones. In the first part, we obtain an explicit formula for the entropy rate for a large class of entropy functionals, as soon as the process satisfies a regularity property known(More)
Based on rescaling by some suitable sequence instead of the number of time units, the usual notion of divergence rate is here extended to define and determine meaningful generalized divergence rates. Rescaling entropy rates appears as a special case. Suitable rescaling is naturally induced by the asymptotic behavior of the marginal divergences. Closed-form(More)
R ´ ESUMÉ (ABSTRACT) L'entropie marginale et le taux d'entropie de Shannon des chaˆınes de Markovà temps discret ou continu sont des fonctions régulires des coefficients de leur matrice de transition ou générateur. Des estimateurs par branchement peuvent ainsî etre déduits des estimateurs de ces coefficients. Pour les entropies généralisées du type Rényi ou(More)
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