Valerie Galluzzi

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Hand washing is an effective countermeasure to the spread of many types of infection. Recently, sensing technology has automated the sampling and study of hand hygiene rates. Surprisingly, many questions about the area are unresolved, motivating further exploration based on wrist-worn commodity sensors (accelerometer and MEMS gyroscope). This paper(More)
We captured 3-dimensional accelerometry data from the wrists of 116 healthcare professionals as they performed hand hygiene (HH). We then used these data to train a k-nearest-neighbors classifier to recognize specific aspects of HH technique (ie, fingertip scrub) and measure the duration of HH events.
Communities can be observed in many real-world graphs. In general, a community can be thought of as a portion of a graph in which intra-community links are dense while inter-community links are sparse. Automatic community structure detection has been well studied in static graphs. However, many practical applications of community structure involve networks(More)
We performed an extensive characterization of Co-doped polycrystalline 122 iron pnictide samples, As with , 0.09, 0.1, 0.12, by means of high-field magnetization and 1st and 3rd harmonic susceptibility response measurements. From loops through the Bean model formula both the magnetic field and dependences of the are derived. From the 3rd harmonic response(More)
Mercury’s quadrangle H02 ‘Victoria’ is located in the planet’s northern hemisphere and lies between latitudes 22.5° N and 65° N, and between longitudes 270° E and 360° E. This quadrangle covers 6.5% of the planet’s surface with a total area of almost 5 million km. Our 1:3,000,000-scale geologic map of the quadrangle was produced by photo-interpretation of(More)
We probe the short-range pinning properties with the application of microwave currents at very high driving frequencies (47.7 GHz) on YBa2Cu3O7−δ films with and without sub-micrometer BaZrO3 inclusions. We explore the temperature and field ranges 60 K< T < Tc and 0< μ0H <0.8 T, with the field applied along the c-axis. The magnetic field induces a much(More)
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