Valerie G. Sams

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BACKGROUND Surgical site infections are common, with an incidence of 1.5% to 5% for all types of surgery. In vitro studies suggest an antimicrobial effect of local anesthetic. We hypothesized that subcutaneous infiltration of local anesthetic before surgical incision would reduce the incidence of postoperative wound infection. METHODS In a wound infection(More)
BACKGROUND There is a dearth of clinical data regarding the effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on long-bone fracture (LBF) healing in the acute trauma setting. The orthopedic community believes that the use of NSAIDs in the postoperative period will result in poor healing and increased infectious complications. We hypothesized that,(More)
Obese patients are predisposed to developing insulin resistance and associated metabolic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of bariatric surgery on adipose-derived inflammatory cytokines (adipokines), which play a key role in insulin resistance and obesity. We hypothesized that there(More)
Defining malnutrition and nutrition risk has been a topic of many papers and discussions throughout the modern literature. Multiple definitions have been proposed, ranging from simple body weight measurements to a more all-encompassing concept looking at disease-specific inflammatory states. Biochemical markers, elements of a history examination, physical(More)
BACKGROUND Appropriate indications for resuscitative thoracotomy (RT) in an austere environment continue to evolve; the aim of this study was to determine survival and to analyze demographics of survivors within U.S. military personnel undergoing RT. METHODS A retrospective review was performed of all U.S. soldiers who underwent thoracotomy in theater(More)
Intracranial injury resulting from transorbital penetrating objects is rare in a noncombat setting. As such there is a significant lack of data pertaining to the management of non-projectile traumatic brain injuries due to foreign bodies entering the brain. Intracranial complications can include intracerebral hematoma, cerebral contusion, intraventricular(More)
Tracheobronchomalacia is a condition with significant morbidity with many etiologies including iatrogenic ones and should be considered in critically ill ventilated trauma patients. We present a case of a multitrauma patient who had difficulty weaning from the ventilator after prolonged intubation followed by tracheostomy tube placement. We describe her(More)
BACKGROUND Enteral nutrition has been demonstrated to reduce ventilator days and the incidence of pneumonia, but the safest route for providing enteral nutrition to mechanically ventilated patients is unclear. Our objective was to determine if there is a difference between the incidences of microaspiration of gastric secretions in patients fed via a(More)