Valerie F. Williams

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Differentiated osteoblasts are polarized in regions of bone deposition, demonstrate extensive cell interaction and communication, and are responsible for bone formation and quality. Type XII collagen is a fibril-associated collagen with interrupted triple helices and has been implicated in the osteoblast response to mechanical forces. Type XII collagen is(More)
Occlusion of the abdominal aorta of the rabbit by inflating the balloon of a Swan-Ganz catheter positioned in the aorta is a simple and reliable method of producing spinal cord ischemia. The electrophysiological, neurological, and neuropathological correlates of ischemia with progressively longer durations and of ischemia after drug interventions were(More)
This study examined the reliability and construct validity of a modified version of the Colorado Symptom Index (MCSI), a brief, self-report measure of psychological symptomatology, in a study of interventions to prevent homelessness. Eight projects in a national, cooperative study collected new data at baseline, 6, and 12 months using a set of common(More)
The authors investigated whether mental health inpatients' perceptions of coercion were associated with later treatment adherence. Psychiatric inpatients receiving acute care at three sites were interviewed during their hospitalization and up to five times after discharge. Patients' perceptions of coercion were measured at admission. Adherence to medication(More)
Epidemiological studies show female survival benefit in advanced metastatic melanoma. In investigating a possible mechanism for this female survival benefit, we have previously reported that the female steroid 17beta-oestradiol significantly reduces invasion of a human melanoma cell line (A375-SM cells) and ocular melanoma cells through fibronectin. Neither(More)
It is crucial to minimize bias when offering forensic opinions; however, to our knowledge there are few, if any, existing data examining whether psychiatrists are susceptible to one source of such bias, hindsight bias. In the current study, 235 general and forensic psychiatrists reviewed hypothetical cases in which patients with suicidal or homicidal(More)
This article describes an innovative trauma-informed care management model in which mental health, substance abuse, and support services are integrated for homeless families in primary care. The rationale for service integration in a health care setting is discussed and the conceptual underpinnings of the model are elaborated, drawing from the literature(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this paper is to provide a description of Family Options, a rehabilitation intervention for parents with serious mental illnesses and their children focusing on recovery and resilience, and to report the findings from a pilot study at 6-months post-enrollment for participating mothers. METHODS A developmental design, and mixed(More)
Despite numerous studies of the relationships among symptoms manifested by children and adolescents, there have been few systematic attempts to group individuals on the basis of the syndromes identified. In the course of a treatment evaluation project requiring classification of both child patients and untreated controls, the present study was conducted to(More)