Valerie F. Curtis

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Infiltration of myeloid cells in the tumor microenvironment is often associated with enhanced angiogenesis and tumor progression, resulting in poor prognosis in many types of cancer. The polypeptide chemokine PK2 (Bv8, PROK2) has been shown to regulate myeloid cell mobilization from the bone marrow, leading to activation of the angiogenic process, as well(More)
There is intense interest in understanding how the purine nucleoside adenosine functions in health and during disease. In this review, we outline some of the evidence that implicates adenosine signaling as an important metabolic signature to promote inflammatory resolution. Studies derived from cultured cell systems, animal models and human patients have(More)
Recent work has revealed a central role for neddylation (the conjugation of a Nedd8-moiety to Cullin proteins) in the fine tuning of the NF-κB response (via Cullin-1). In the present study, we investigated the contribution of Cullin-1 neddylation and NF-κB signaling to mucosal inflammatory responses in vitro and in vivo. Initial in vitro studies using(More)
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