Valerie D Weber

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Few patients read their doctors' notes, despite having the legal right to do so. As information technology makes medical records more accessible and society calls for greater transparency, patients' interest in reading their doctors' notes may increase. Inviting patients to review these notes could improve understanding of their health, foster productive(More)
Type 2 diabetes is one of the nation’s most prevalent chronic diseases. Although well-known practice guidelines exist, real-life clinical performance often falls short of benchmarks. Employ an electronic registry derived from a fully integrated electronic health record (EHR) as the cornerstone of an intervention to improve compliance with recommended(More)
Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths in the aging population. Electronic medical record (EMR) systems can identify at-risk patients and enable interventions to decrease risk factors for falls. The objectives of this study were to evaluate an EMR-based intervention to reduce overall medication use, psychoactive medication use, and occurrence(More)
The field of hospital medicine is growing rapidly in academic medical centers. However, few organizations have explicitly considered the opportunities and barriers posed to hospital medicine’s development as an academic field in internal medicine. To develop consensus around key areas limiting or facilitating hospital medicine’s development as an academic(More)
We describe a case of Phaeoacremonium olecranon osteomyelitis. The patient, initially felt to have traumatic olecranon bursitis, was found to have an indolent filamentous fungus cultured from the olecranon bursa. In retrospect, x-rays revealed bony erosion, which heightened the index of suspicion for infection in this particular case. Surgical bursal(More)
In this review of a recent set of faculty development initiatives to promote geriatrics teaching by general internists, nontraditional strategies to promote sustained change were identified, included enrolling a limited number of "star" faculty, creating ongoing working relationships between faculty, and developing projects for clinical or education program(More)
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