Valerie C. Joysey

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Five polymorphisms in the C6 and C7 genes have been investigated in seven ethnic groups. The allele frequencies are broadly similar in most groups except C7 M/N which is monomorphic in our group of Africans, and C6 MspI and C7 S367T where the allele frequencies in African and Cape Coloured subjects are very different from the other ethnic groups. There is(More)
The construction of permanent hybrid cell lines between xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) cells from different complementation groups allows analysis not only of the degree of repair correction but also of the restoration of biological activity to the UV-irradiated cells. With use of an immortal human cell line (HD2) that expresses excision repair defects typical(More)
C7 M/N typing, the determination of the allotypes of the recently described C7 M/N protein polymorphism, was conducted on serum samples from donors and recipients of 100 liver transplantations to determine whether the liver is the predominant site of in vivo synthesis of human complement protein C7. Twenty-one cases were informative as the recipient was(More)
We investigated the distribution of HLA antigens among 413 patients with ischaemic heart disease or dilated cardiomyopathy referred for cardiac transplantation to determine if possession of certain HLA antigens predisposed to end-stage heart failure. Of the patients studied, 234 had ischaemic heart disease (218 males), mean age 49 years (SD 7.1) and 179(More)
Parallel studies were carried out on HLA antigens in patients with rheumatic heart disease and scleritis. Comparison with one control population showed a significant excess of BW15 in both disease samples, while a comparison with two other control populations, showed the excess not to be significant. Possible reasons for this discrepancy are discussed,(More)
In preparation for the 7th International Histocompatibility Workshop 13 laboratories in the British Region participated in a local workshop. One hundred and twenty-three sera which had been previously shown to have activity on either normal B cells, CLL cells or B cell lymphoid lines in the absence of HLA-A, B or C activity were exchanged between the(More)