Valerie C. Bryan

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To glean insight of andragogy and pedagogy methodologies, practitioners and scholars may be interested in reading Andragogical and Pedagogical Methods for Curriculum and Program Development by Dr. Victor C. X. Wang. The authors aimed to layout a distinction between the development of curricula and programs for K-12, as well for adult learners. These(More)
Home fires do not only destroy property, but they also place human life at significant risk. Fires at night, during sleeping hours, can pose even more of a risk for a residential dweller due to the sheer fact that the resident is not in a fully awake and conscious state. In terms of the profoundly deaf community, these individuals may be more at risk, since(More)
This chapter argues that the technology implemented for teaching and learning in the higher education setting should serve a specific set of purposes in order to increase student engagement and to maximize learning outcomes. The practice of using technology alone to increase student engagement is ineffective. Before deciding which tools to implement,(More)
Instrument design should consider the measurement of constructs that are directly linked to how well the data is generated and subsequently measured and assessed. We need sufficient instruments and archival data that will solve problems for the improvement of human life, inclusive of health-related issues. The purpose of this chapter is to examine the(More)
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