Valerie Ann Johnson

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Recent evidence suggests dietary advice to limit red meat is unnecessarily restrictive and may have unintended health consequences. As nutrient-rich high quality protein foods, red meats can play an important role in helping people meet their essential nutrient needs. Yet dietary advice to limit red meat remains standard in many developed countries, even(More)
Introduction: Writing this essay has been like falling down Alice's proverbial rabbit hole into Wonderland. The more I reflect on feminist disability studies and environmental justice, the more connections between the two I find. And the more connections I find, the more complexity there seems to be between these two areas. To paraphrase Alice, it gets(More)
The purpose of this thesis paper is to investigate womanist theology and method, along with restoration practices involving spirituality and healing within the context of the visual arts. The thesis exhibition will attempt to create new visual possibilities that inform womanist theological scholarship in terms of promoting contemporary female religious(More)
An on-line, real-time menu management system was developed as a module of the integrated computer-assisted food management system implemented at the University of Missouri-Columbia Health Sciences Center Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. This system supplants a former automated form generating system and permits flexibility in menu design. The major(More)
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