Valerie A Sharper

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The toxicity profile of HIDROX (Hydrolyzed Aqueous Olive Pulp Extract; OPE) was characterized in a series of toxicology studies. A limit dosage of 2000 mg/kg produced no toxicity in mice (acute oral NOAEL: 2000 mg/kg). In rats, an acute oral NOAEL of 2000 mg/kg was established, based on reductions in weight gains in both sexes at 5000 mg/kg. Reduced gains(More)
BACKGROUND Lenalidomide, a thalidomide analog, is indicated for treatment of patients with deletion-5q myelodysplastic syndromes or multiple myeloma. NZW rabbits were used because of sensitivity to thalidomide's teratogenicity. METHODS Range-finding and pulse-dosing studies preceded a full developmental toxicity study in New Zealand white (NZW) rabbits(More)
Human environmental and dietary exposure to trans-capsaicin--the pungent ingredient in chili peppers--is ubiquitous. Moreover, based on the highly selective agonism of trans-capsaicin for TRPV1 receptors, drug products containing high concentrations of trans-capsaicin are under development as analgesics. For instance, a high-concentration (8% w/w) pure(More)
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