Valerie A Clark

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To build on a growing interest in community-based obesity prevention programs, methods are needed for matching intervention strategies to local needs and assets. We used the Community Readiness Model (CRM), a structured interview guide and scoring system, to assess community readiness to act on childhood obesity prevention, furthering a replication study of(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in the school food environment are a logical target to prevent childhood overweight. We describe the food service component of a 2-year research intervention to prevent excess weight gain in children. CONTEXT The goals of the food service component were to improve the presentation and nutrient quality of school meals and to incorporate(More)
The present study compares patient satisfaction scores with job satisfaction scores of the physicians providing their care in 16 general internal medicine teaching hospital group practices. Practice sites with more satisfied patients were also more likely to have more satisfied housestaff and faculty physicians. Additionally, higher satisfaction scores for(More)
Fifteen general internal medicine group practices in university teaching hospitals were studied to evaluate their primary care services and education. Data were collected over 9 months from physicians, patients, and medical records, and by observation. All institutions had closed their general medical clinics. Many patients being treated in group practices(More)
We evaluated 15 group practices in general internal medicine in university hospitals with regard to access to and quality of care, patients' satisfaction with that care, and quality of residency education provided. We used these data to speculate about potential changes in ambulatory care programs in university teaching hospitals. All 15 practices(More)
In 1984, 154 physicians who had completed residencies in internal medicine at 15 major teaching hospitals in 1982 evaluated their residency training in ambulatory care. A majority of the physicians would have liked more experience in practical areas related to career planning and office management, more input from subspecialties such as orthopedics and(More)
Data on efficiency, costs, and profits of 15 internal medicine outpatient group practices in university hospitals were collected for 9 months from interviews, a time-motion study, observations, and reviews of bills. Charges for a follow-up visit were about 25% higher than Medicare's allowable charges, but differed threefold across practices. Physicians(More)
The authors compared the personal characteristics, measures of functional status/case mix, and discharge outcomes of nursing home patients admitted to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in 1984 for the first time (first admissions) to those of patients with a prior history of nursing home care (readmissions). Compared to first admissions, readmitted patients(More)
To determine the relationship between admission status and subsequent outcomes, 563 patients discharged during 1980 from 24 nursing homes were followed through 1982. Only 28 per cent of patients were discharged to their homes. Reconstructed life histories of 529 discharges for the two-year follow-up revealed only 38 persons (7.2 per cent) were alive and at(More)