Valeric Daggett

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An understanding of the structural transitions that an alpha-helix undergoes will help to elucidate such motions in proteins and their role in protein folding. We present the results of molecular dynamics simulations to investigate these transitions in a short polyalanine peptide (13 residues) both in vacuo and in the presence of solvent. The denaturation(More)
The folding pathway of FKBP12, a 107 residue α/β protein, has been characterised in detail using a combination of experimental and computational techniques. FKBP12 follows a two-state model of folding in which only the denatured and native states are significantly populated; no intermediate states are detected. The refolding rate constant in water is 4(More)
The structure of the transition state for folding/unfolding of the immunophilin FKBP12 has been characterised using a combination of protein engineering techniques, unfolding kinetics, and molecular dynamics simulations. A total of 34 mutations were made at sites throughout the protein to probe the extent of secondary and tertiary structure in the(More)
Herein we describe the results of molecular dynamics simulations of the bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor (BPTI) in solution at a variety of temperatures both with and without disulfide bonds. The reduced form of the protein unfolded at high temperature to an ensemble of conformations with all the properties of the molten globule state. In this account we(More)
The mechanisms by which protein oxidation is mediated in the cell are of both biological and pharmacological importance. Oxidases responsible for the metabolism of xenobiotics catalyze the oxidative inactivation of select enzymes. Oxidation mediated by mixed-function oxidase (MFO) systems renders proteins more susceptible to proteolysis and, consequently,(More)
It is generally accepted that a protein's primary sequence determines its three-dimensional structure. It has proved difficult, however, to obtain detailed structural information about the actual protein folding process and intermediate states. We present the results of molecular dynamics simulations of the unfolding of reduced bovine pancreatic trypsin(More)
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