Valeriana Mancinelli

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The present study shows that in celery Cr(III) induces deleterious effects on seedling development and morphology, and a number of metabolic responses related to stress. Exogenous CrCl3 from 0.01 to 1 mM increasingly inhibited seed germination and hypocotyl elongation, or completely blocked it (10 mM), while the root apparatus was dramatically damaged even(More)
The chemical composition of water-soluble organic carbon (WSOC) in atmospheric aerosol particles is largely unexplored, due to the myriad of individual compounds, which has hampered attempts to attain a full characterization at the molecular level. An alternative approach, focusing on the analysis of a few main chemical classes, allowed the quantitative(More)
This paper discusses the partitioning of metals (K, Na, Ca, Mg, Al, Cu, Fe, Pb and Zn) between the aqueous phase and the suspended insoluble material in fog samples collected in the Po Valley during two extensive fields campaigns. Metals represent on average 11% of the mass of suspended insoluble matter, while the main component is carbon (both organic(More)
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