Valerian A. Kuznetsov

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Thousands of genes are expressed at such very low levels (< or =1 copy per cell) that global gene expression analysis of rarer transcripts remains problematic. Ambiguity in identification of rarer transcripts creates considerable uncertainty in fundamental questions such as the total number of genes expressed in an organism and the biological significance(More)
PURPOSE Peripheral light-focusing (PLF) is an occult form of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) hazardous to the human eye. In PLF, obliquely incident light is refracted from the peripheral cornea to concentrated sites inside the anterior segment. In the current study, the directionality of this phenomenon for UVR and whether PLF is established in outdoor settings(More)
The dependence of the breeding success of the eagle owl on the population dynamics of rodents, which are a staple of its diet in Mordovia, was traced. At peak numbers of rodents, large clutches and a high survival rate of fledglings were observed in the breeding pairs; after a year of depression of rodent populations, in the following year, the pairs do not(More)
It has been revealed that fluctuations of salinity within the ecological norm positively affect the embryonic and larval development in pike Esox lucius. Within the optimal range of salinity (0−2‰ with fluctuation period of 12 h), compared to the constant optimal salinity (2‰), the growth and development rate accelerate, the survival rate of embryos and(More)
The development of the concept of an ecological optimum is discussed, and experimental data enabling its revision are analyzed. The published data on the effect of fluctuating ecological factors on various parameters of the vital activity of poikilothermic aquatic organisms and some other organisms are given. The need for terms of stationary (or static) and(More)
The species composition and abundance of young-of-the-year fishes have been analyzed in catches made in the upper Volga stretch of the Kuibyshev Reservoir between 1991 and 2009. It has been found that the juvenile abundance of roach and blue bream has decreased, while that of perch, silver bream, and spined loach has increased, with young-of-the-year(More)
We studied the impact of compounds RU-1202 and SUM-55 on electrophoretic mobility of “young” and “old” erythrocytes fractionated in a density gradient. The test compounds are shown to increase electrophoretic mobility of erythrocytes, compound SUM-55 being superior to the reference drug pentoxifylline.
People can be identified by fingerprints located on blast affected fragments recovered during the investigation of bombing scenes. We placed 4 aluminium plates (100 mm x 100 mm x 3 mm) and 2 steel plates (150 mm x 150 mm x 45 mm) with latent fingerprints on them at a distance of 0.25-1 m from a 0.7 kg charge of CompB, and the same number of plates also(More)
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