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OBJECTIVE The clinical outcome of elderly (≥75years) patients with aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (B-NHL) is not firmly established because few studies have specifically addressed this issue. In addition, the usefulness of a comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) in B-NHL still needs to be deeply explored. MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated the(More)
In this paper, the experimental conditions for preparing ampicillin-loaded polyethylcyanoacrylate (PECA) nanoparticles are described. The effects of drug concentration and surfactant type in the polymerization medium on the particle size distribution and loading capacity were studied. The results of these studies show that only the type of surfactant has an(More)
This paper deals with the characterization of a new microparticulate hydrogel obtained by gamma irradiation of alpha, beta-poly[N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-DL-aspartamide] (PHEA). When enzymatic digestion of PHEA hydrogel was evaluated using various concentrations of pepsin and alpha-chymotrypsin no degradation occurred within 24 h. In-vivo studies showed that this(More)
Tuberculous meningoencephalitis is a rare disease associated with high morbidity and mortality. We report a patient with hairy cell leukemia in complete remission who, after a single cycle of chemotherapy with cladribine, presented fever and neurological deficits. Laboratory diagnosis of tuberculous meningoencephalitis was made by polymerase chain reaction(More)
Transplantation-associated thrombotic microangiopathy (TA-TMA) is occasionally described as a serious complication after allogeneic and, more rarely, autologous stem cell transplantation (SCT). It is characterized by poor outcome with high mortality rate. Plasma exchange (PE) has been reported as successful first-line therapy in other thrombotic(More)
Hospitalisation in protected/isolated rooms is a measure, frequently, adopted for hematological patients undergoing to intensive treatment, such as allogeneic (allo) or autologous (auto) stem cell transplantation (SCT), due to a high risk of infections. However, the level of evidence about the efficacy of isolation measure during SCT is poor, thus resulting(More)
The wide diffusion of telecommunication systems and the availability of cheap computational devices, such as smart wearable, PDA and smartphones, is multiplying the number of collaborative and remote-monitored applications accessible to a large mass of people. In particular, this scenario makes it possible the implementation of specific systems that improve(More)
Suprofen, an anti-inflammatory drug was incorporated in polymer networks based on biocompatible macromolecules, such as alpha,beta-polyasparthydrazide (PAHy) and alpha,beta-poly(N-hydroxyethyl)-DL-aspartamide (PHEA) crosslinked by glutaraldehyde or gamma-rays, respectively. Swelling tests carried out in aqueous media showed that pH value affects the(More)
PURPOSE Diagnostic challenges are common in clinical practice and diagnostic or classification criteria for musculoskeletal conditions cannot overshadow clinical skills. METHODS We present the case of a young man who complained of prolonged articular pain and mild swelling of the right ankle in the absence of other remarkable data. Apparently fulfilling(More)
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