Valeria Santoro

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BACKGROUND The antibody cetuximab, targeting epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), is used to treat metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). Clinical trials suggest reduced benefit from the combination of cetuximab with oxaliplatin. The aim of this study was to investigate potential negative interactions between cetuximab and oxaliplatin. METHODS Thiazolyl(More)
The identification of bodies through the examination of skeletal remains holds a prominent place in the field of forensic investigations. Technological advancements in 3D facial acquisition techniques have led to the proposal of a new body identification technique that involves a combination of craniofacial superimposition and photogrammetry. The aim of(More)
Age estimation of nonliving subjects plays a very important role in identifying human remains. When adult remains are in question, this process becomes even more complex. Among the numerous dental methods that exist for adults aging, the evaluation of root translucency is one of the most useful. This study studies the correlation between age and root(More)
This study was based on a morphometric analysis of bite marks starting from the quantitative definition of the anterior teeth by the geometric acquisition of the "injuries," using bite marks impressed on pig skin and plastic. Each mark was photographed and acquired. A dedicated program automatically supplied the values of the shape factors and the areas of(More)
The Authors describe two cases of alleged malpractice due to overfilling. The aim of this article is to underline some medico-legal aspects regarding the quantity of extruded material which may be considered acceptable and the consequent damage to the patient. Two cases are presented here: In the first case, the dentist's liability is clear due to excessive(More)
The relationship between the craniometric indices that can be evinced from the comparison of two faces for identification purposes is considered a reliable method for the personal identification of faces. Our study aims to assess whether facial indices are susceptible to substantial variations even if the two faces being compared are a different size,(More)
The proximal radioulnar joint was dissected in 24 cadaveric elbows to localize the area of the radial head that did not articulate with the lesser sigmoid notch of the ulna. The nonarticulating portion of the radial head was posterolateral in the anatomic position of full supination. Gross observations of the nonarticulating portion of the radial head(More)
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