Valeria Petrini

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The UK and European framework for access to the UHF TV band by white space devices (WSDs) is predicated on the availability of instructions from white space databases (WSDBs) which specify location-specific maximum permitted WSD radiated power levels. These levels are calculated in such a way so as to afford protection to the digital terrestrial TV (DTT)(More)
The radio resource shortage is one of the most important characteristic to take into account when deploying modern wireless telecommunication systems. A novel communication paradigm named Cognitive Radio, has been introduced in the last years for better exploiting the limited available spectrum and the inefficiency in the spectrum usage. Its main aim is to(More)
Emergency management is one of the most important areas where technology innovation has direct impact on social well-being and sustainability. In the past few years, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has proved to be instrumental to improve emergency management with particular focus on resilience, rapidity of response, adaptability to(More)
This paper presents the Italian pilot on licensed shared access (LSA) in the IMT Band 40 to explore the potential and logistics of spectrum sharing from a regulatory perspective. Organized on a small cell/micro cell scale, it verified both the technical feasibility and regulatory compliance of LSA in a real, LTE-TDD network, constrained by the national(More)
The aim of this work is to continue the cooperation on Fixed WiMAX experimental propagation characterization between Instituto de Telecomunicações — DEM of University of Beira Interior, Portugal, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni and the Department of Electronics and Information Systems of the University of Bologna, both from Italy. The field(More)
In this work spectral resources potentially available for White Space Devices (WSDs) in the TV band is investigated in different Italian scenarios. The adopted methodology is based on the geo-location database approach used either in autonomous operation or in combination with sensing techniques. From simulation and measurement results, it is evident that(More)