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Providing easy access to updated, accurate and semantically meaningful information about organizations working in the agriculture sector is of primary importance in agricultural information management. Many databases of these organizations already exist but none are comprehensive and all differ in coverage (often overlapping), semantic organization, being(More)
Note of thanks: The authors wish to thank the workshop participants for their useful insights and comments; the conference organizers for the opportunity to share them and our Japanese hosts who spared no effort to make the workshop such a unique experience. Any mistakes and/or omissions in the summary are of course our own. Abstract Attaining sustainable(More)
The use of widely-used metadata standards is essential to guarantee the visibility and retrieval of documents stored in open repositories. Attention should be paid to the creation and exchange of meaningful metadata to enhance interoperability amongst repositories and provide value added services. Since 2005 the Food and Agriculture Organization of the(More)
The movement to share data has been on the rise in the last decade and lately in the agricultural domain. Similarly platforms for publishing scientific and statistical datasets have sprouted and have improved visibility and availability of datasets. Yet there are still constraints in making datasets discoverable and re-usable. Commonly agreed semantics,(More)