Valeria Perelman

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As systems are becoming ever larger and more complex, and as more stakeholders, typically from different disciplines, are involved throughout the system lifecycle, the challenge of overcoming the complexity inherent in systems development grows too. While a document-centric approach has been common practice, coping with the growing complexity of current(More)
Conceptual design is a crucial system lifecycle stage; but systematic methods for conceptual design evaluation are not well developed, and existing approaches are not satisfactory. In this work we describe implementation and assessment of an advanced simulation environment that can serve conceptual design evaluation purposes using Object-Process Methodology(More)
A myriad of detailed pieces of knowledge regarding the structure and function of the living cell have been accumulating at an alarmingly increasing rate. Emphasis is shifting from the study of a single molecular process to cellular pathways, cycles, and the entire cell as a system. Object-Process Methodology (OPM) is a holistic graphical modeling(More)
Keeping large software projects well documented is expensive and time consuming. Small code changes seldom propagate up to the design level. Therefore, design of large software becomes incoherent with the actual code. Yet understanding the original design intentions is crucial for supporting the life cycle of the software. Reverse engineering (RE) is the(More)
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