Valeria Paula Sassoni Fazan

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Peripheral or central interruption of the baroreflex or the parasympathetic innervation of cerebral vessels leads to similar changes in regulation of cerebral blood flow. Therefore, we sought to test the hypothesis that the cardiovascular nucleus tractus solitarii, the site of termination of arterial baroreceptor nerves, projects to pontine preganglionic(More)
1. We tested the hypothesis that arterial baroreceptor reflexes modulate cerebrovascular tone through a pathway that connects the cardiovascular nucleus tractus solitarii with parasympathetic preganglionic neurons in the pons. 2. Anesthetized rats were used in all studies. Laser flowmetry was used to measure cerebral blood flow. We assessed cerebrovascular(More)
Nerve morphometry is known to produce relevant information for the evaluation of several phenomena, such as nerve repair, regeneration, implant, transplant, aging, and different human neuropathies. Manual morphometry is laborious, tedious, time consuming, and subject to many sources of error. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a new method for the(More)
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