Valeria P Gavrilova

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An isolate of Coriolus hirsutus constitutively expresses substantial amounts of extracellular laccase on a defined growth medium. The most efficient inducer of extracellular laccase synthesis was(More)
Stability characteristics of the laccases of the basidiomycetes Coriolus hirsutus and Coriolus zonatus were measured comparatively at temperatures of 25 and 40°C in the presence of various effectors(More)
The effects of various factors on the biosynthesis of extracellular laccase (EC by the basidiomyceteCoriolus hirsutus (Wulf.:Fr.) Quel. no. 072 during submerged cultivation were examined.(More)
Three samples of high-molecular-weight humin-like substances were obtained by solid-phase cultivation of Coriolus hirsutus and/or Cerrena maxima on oat straw. The yield of humin-like substances(More)