Valeria Mussa

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Felicittà is an online platform for estimating happiness in the Italian cities, which uses Twitter as data source and combines sentiment analysis and visualization techniques in order to provide users with an interactive interface for data exploration. In particular, Felicittà daily analyzes Twitter posts and exploits temporal and geo-spatial information(More)
We present a methodology for legacy language resource adaptation that generates domain-specific sentiment lexicons organized around domain entities described with lexical information and sentiment words described in the context of these entities. We explain the steps of the methodology and we give a working example of our initial results. The resulting(More)
English. The paper describes the ongoing experience at the University of Turin in developing linguistic resources and tools for sentiment analysis of social media. We describe in particular the development of Senti-TUT, a human annotated corpus of Italian Tweets including labels for sentiment polarity and irony, which has been recently exploited within the(More)
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