Valeria Mihalache

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The optimism about the possibilities of DNA computing is based on two central issues: the Watson-Crick complementarity and the massive parallelism of DNA strands. While the latter issue renders exhaustive searches possible and thus may settle problems previously considered intractable, the former issue is the cause behind the universality of many models of(More)
Subclasses of grammar systems that can facilitate parser construction appear to be of interest. In this paper, some syntactical conditions considered for strict deterministic grammars are extended to cooperating distributed grammar systems, restricted to the terminal derivation mode. Two variants are considered according to the level to which the conditions(More)
We associate Szilard and extended Szilard languages to parallel communicating grammar systems, starting from labels associated to productions of the components of the systems. We study families of such languages associated to various classes of parallel communicating grammar systems, comparing them to each other, to families of languages generated by(More)