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Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disorder affecting million of people worldwide. Increased understanding of bone disease has led to a greater recognition of factors affecting bones, and consequently many secondary causes of osteoporosis were demonstrated. In this study, we aim to explore possible causes of bone loss and fractures in subjects affected by(More)
The handgrip strength is considered an excellent predictor of morbidity and mortality for acute and long term outcomes. In fact, several studies showed that the reduced handgrip strength is correlated to all-cause mortality in both middle aged and elderly subjects. Nevertheless, defined reference values of handgrip strength are not available, especially(More)
The utilization of different macronutrients is relevant for the risk of obesity, diabetes, or the appearing of vascular complications. The Respiratory Quotient (RQ) is a parameter measuring the fuel utilizations; in fact, it can indicate the fat stores utilization or lipogenesis activation. Aim of this study was to investigate the link between the RQ and(More)
The Respiratory Quotient is a parameter reflecting the utilization of the nutrients by a subject. It is associated with an high rate of subsequent weight gain and with the atherosclerosis. Subjects tending to burn less fat have an increased Respiratory Quotient. Aim of this study was to investigate on the relationship between the Respiratory Quotient and(More)
Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes are becoming a leading health concern in the developed Countries, due to their link to cardiovascular disease. These conditions are common in women in the post-menopausal period. Unfortunately, actual lifestyle change strategy fail to prevent cardiovascular events for several reasons, thus specific medications are(More)
OBJECTIVE Refeeding syndrome occurs in patients with severe malnutrition when refeeding begins after a long period of starvation. This syndrome increases the risk of clinical complications and mortality. Hypophosphatemia is considered the primary characteristic of the syndrome. The aim of our study was to investigate the presence of other electrolyte(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to evaluate the concentration of α-defensin human neutrophil peptide-1 (HNP-1; a peptide released by neutrophils) in salivary fluid among postmenopausal women and to compare bone mineral density among postmenopausal women with different concentrations of this peptide. METHODS We consecutively enrolled 61 postmenopausal women.(More)
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