Valeria Granata

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Aims. To improve the parameters of the HD 17156 system (peculiar due to the eccentric and long orbital period of its transiting planet) and constrain the presence of stellar companions. Methods. Photometric data were acquired for 4 transits, and high precision radial velocity measurements were simultaneously acquired with SARG@TNG for one transit. The(More)
The preseries production of the LHC main superconducting dipoles is presently being tested at CERN. The foremost features of these magnets are: twin structure, six block two layer coils wound from 15.1 mm wide graded NbTi cables, 56 mm aperture, polyimide insulation and stainless steel collars. The paper reviews the main test results of magnets tested to(More)
The production of more than 60% of superconducting cables for the main dipoles of the Large Hadron Collider has been completed. The results of the measurements of cable magnetization and the dependence on the manufacturers are presented. The strand magnetization produces field errors that have been measured in a large number of dipoles (approximately 100 to(More)
The Next European Dipole (NED) Collaboration has the scope to promote the study and development of a high magnetic field (15 T conductor peak field) and large aperture (88 mm) dipole magnet aimed at LHC upgrade and at the next generation colliders. Among different configurations, a classical cosine-theta solution is considered. This magnet will be based on(More)
Two silicon diode detectors, Al/n`/n/p`/Al, were exposed to #uences of 1.19]1014 and 2.23]1015 equivalent 1 MeV neutrons/cm2, respectively. After this exposure the detectors were stored at room temperatures for 2 yr (1.19]1014) and six months (2.23]1015). During this time they were thermally cycled around 4.2 K and room temperature a number of times in(More)
Industrial chemical processes may involve thermal risks as most of the reactions performed are exothermic, the chemicals used are often thermally unstable, and the operating conditions are set to induce high conversion and throughput. Besides the reactive steps, all operations frommixing to storage and from processing to transport involving sensitive(More)
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