Valeria Giardino

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Can our gestures help us think, and, if so, how? Previous work suggests that they can. Here, students, alone in a room, studied descriptions of environments for later tests of knowledge. The majority of participants spontaneously gestured while reading the descriptions, and most of those also gestured while answering true-false questions. They did not(More)
SUMMARY A number of contributions are been given in recent years to illustrate Herbert Simon's multidisciplinary approach to the study of behaviour. In this chapter, I give a brief picture of the origins of Simon's bounded rationality in the framework of rising AI. I show then how seminal it was Simon's insight on the unifying role of bounded rationality in(More)
In this article I present and discuss some criteria to provide a diagrammatic classification. Such a classification is of use for exploring in detail the domain of diagrammatic reasoning. Diagrams can be classified in terms of the use we make of them-static or dynamic-and of the correspondence between their space and the space of the data they are intended(More)
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