Valeria Gallucci

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Since November 1968, 54 patients have undergone excision of an intracardiac myxoma, which was located in the left atrium in 46 (85%), in the right atrium in 6 (11%), and in the right ventricle in 2 (4%). There were 35 female and 19 male patients with a mean age of 48 +/- 14 years (range, 7 to 68 years). Four patients were asymptomatic; the others were seen(More)
From May 1969 to June 1988, 84 consecutive patients ranging in age from 6 months to 61 years (mean 18 years) underwent surgery for fixed subaortic stenosis (SAS). A discrete fibrous or fibromuscular structure was present in 81 patients, while 3 presented with a tunnel type of obstruction. SAS was treated by sharp resection of the tissue and routine myotomy(More)
The risk of operative mortality in patients undergoing a first reoperation for bioprosthetic failure was assessed in a series of patients reoperated upon during the last two decades (1970-1990). A total of 330 such patients underwent replacement of 351 bioprostheses: 88 had aortic; 221 mitral; and 21 mitral and aortic bioprosthetic replacement. Indication(More)
Twelve specimens of truncus arteriosus communis have been studied anatomically, with special reference to the conal anatomy and to the associated cardiac anomalies which can create additional problems if surgical repair is planned. A wide spectrum of conal morphology has been observed, suggesting that differential conal absorption is a developmental(More)
Ninety-nine of 118 patients receiving cardiac valve replacements (n = 55) or coronary artery bypass grafts (n = 44) were studied before surgery and again one year after surgery. Psychological, social, and physical variables were assessed. For the 19 subjects not returning for follow-up, medical data collected by their general practitioner were available.(More)
The incidence of major valve-related complications was evaluated in a series of patients in whom the Hancock pericardial xenograft was used for aortic (AVR; n = 84), mitral (MVR; n = 17) and mitral-aortic (MAVR; n = 13) valve replacement. At 7 years actuarial survival is 66% +/- 8% after AVR, 64% +/- 13% after MVR, and 41% +/- 15% after MAVR, whereas(More)
Up to the end of 1982, reoperation for dehiscence of an aortic prosthesis was necessary in 5% of patients operated on for primary aortic valve replacement in the previous decade at the University of Padova Cardiac Surgery Center. This complication occurred early (median time to diagnosis 4 months) and was associated with an elevated 30-day operative(More)
Immediate reconstruction of medium/large ptotic breasts can be performed by using expanders, definitive implants, or autologous flaps. If a skin-sparing mastectomy is feasible, excellent results can be achieved by planning Wise pattern incisions, using definitive implants. The authors suggest the use of a dermal-adipose flap, harvested from the ptotic part(More)