Valeri V. Makarov

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The composition of African swine fever virus (ASFV) glycoproteins was studied. Isolate-specific major gp 110-140 was identified by radioimmunoprecipitation in lysate of porcine bone marrow cells infected with hemadsorbing virus strains. Carbohydrates constitute about 50% of the total mass of gp 110-140. A quantitative method is proposed for identification(More)
Host immune reactions to African swine fever virus variants differing in their virulence were studied comparatively. Their obvious variabilities in antibody induction to some polypeptides active in antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity and cytotoxic T-lymphocytes were demonstrated. T-helpers of immune pig splenocytes were found to recognize the cells(More)
A fiber-optic voltage sensor based on the longitudinal Pockels effect in a Bi(12)TiO(20) crystal is described. The use of a special backreflecting prism as a phase-retarding element is shown to improve the sensitivity and temperature stability of the sensor. A comparison between the temperature properties of the glass backreflecting prism and that of a(More)
Precision astrometry at microarcsecond accuracy has applications for a wide range of astrophysical problems. This paper is a study of the science questions that can be addressed using an instrument with flexible scheduling that delivers parallaxes at about 4 μas on targets as faint as V 1⁄4 20, and differential accuracy of 0.6 μas on bright targets. The(More)
Tidal torques play a key role in rotational dynamics of celestial bodies. They govern these bodies’ tidal despinning and also participate in the subtle process of entrapment of these bodies into spin–orbit resonances. This makes tidal torques directly relevant to the studies of habitability of planets and their moons. Our work begins with an explanation of(More)
A set of 41 nearby stars (closer than 25 pc) is investigated which have very wide binary and common proper motion (CPM) companions at projected separations between 1000 and 200,000 AU. These companions are identified by astrometric positions and propermotions from theNOMADcatalog. Basedmainly onmeasures of chromospheric andX-ray activity, age estimation is(More)
We investigate the spin-orbital evolution of the potentially habitable super-Earth GJ 667Cc in the multiple system of at least two exoplanets orbiting a nearby M dwarf. The published radial velocities for this star are re-analyzed and evidence is found for additional periodic signals, which could be taken for two additional planets on eccentric orbits(More)
The human disease caused by avian influenza virus in South Asia is a typical example of emerging infection resulting from transmission of a known causative agent to a new host. The first cases with a comparatively high level of lethality rates among patients were registered in 1997 and 1999. The situation is a special phenomenon in epidemiology which(More)
The results of medical-genetic examination of population in five villages of Taimir have been presented. Among them 824 dolgans (aborigines) have been inspected. The prevalence of rheumatism is in average 3,23%. The frequency of rheumatism in the southern subpopulation was higher, than in the North. Analysis of pedigrees has shown family aggregation of(More)