Valeri N. Kotov

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We examine the conditions necessary for the presence of localized magnetic moments on adatoms with inner shell electrons in graphene. We show that the low density of states at the Dirac point, and the anomalous broadening of the adatom electronic level, lead to the formation of magnetic moments for arbitrarily small local charging energy. As a result, we(More)
We study the problem of Coulomb field-induced charging of the ground state in a system of 2D massive Dirac particles – gapped graphene. As in its 3D QED counterpart, the critical Coulomb coupling is renormalized to higher values, compared to the massless case. We find that in gapped graphene a novel supercritical regime is possible, where the screening(More)
Quantum spin-orbital liquids are elusive strongly correlated states of matter that emerge from quantum frustration between spin and orbital degrees of freedom. A promising route towards the observation of those states is the creation of artificial Mott insulators where antiferromagnetic correlations between spins and orbitals can be designed. We show that(More)
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