Valeri I Kovalenko

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Dendrimers are well-defined macromolecules whose highly branched structure is reminiscent of many natural structures, such as trees, dendritic cells, neurons or the networks of kidneys and lungs. Nature has privileged such branched structures for increasing the efficiency of exchanges with the external medium; thus, the whole structure is of pivotal(More)
Specific combination of guest sorption properties was observed for phosphorus-containing dendrimers, which distinguish them from ordinary polymers and clathrate-forming hosts. The sorption capacity for 30 volatile guests, binding reversibility, guest desorption kinetics and guest exchange, glass transition behavior and ability to be plasticized with guest(More)
All nine isolated-pentagon-rule isomers of fullerene C(82) were investigated by the DFT method with the B3LYP functional at the 6-31G, 6-31G*, and 6-31+G* levels. The distribution of single, double, and delocalized π-bonds in the molecules of these isomers is shown for the first time. The obtained results are fully supported by DFT quantum-chemical(More)
The IR and Raman spectra and conformations of calix[4]arene, thiacalix[4]arene and their p-tert-butyl derivatives have been analysed within the framework of scaled quantum mechanics (SQM). It is shown that the introduction of four p-tert-Bu groups into the calixarene molecules influences the relative energies of their conformers and the enthalpy of the(More)
Toshiaki Enoki opened the discussion of the paper by Vladimir Fal’ko: The outof-plane phonon mode is very so and affected by the inter-layer interaction. Accordingly, moiré pattern, wrinkles, etc. in multi-layer graphene affect the out-ofplane phonon mode. It is interesting to investigate the correlation between the mutual angle in the moiré; pattern and(More)
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