Valentyn Tolpekin

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Municipalities need accurate and updated inventories of urban vegetation in order to manage green resources and estimate the profit of urban forestry activities. Earlier studies using high resolution satellite images have shown that automatic tree detection in urban areas using traditional classification techniques remains a very difficult task. This is(More)
The sensitivity of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and interferometric SAR (InSAR) to surface properties, especially changes in height and roughness, combined with an allweather capability, makes radar remote sensing a potential tool for mapping urban damage caused by earthquakes. With InSAR, surface displacement has been mapped successfully and in detail,(More)
Extraction of individual tree crown objects in urban areas using available VHR space-borne imaging systems remains a challenging image processing task mainly because of two factors: the limited spectral information offered by the sensors and their limited spatial resolution. The spectral information of available VHR satellite sensors is not sufficient to(More)
Benefits of urban trees range from carbon sequestration, alleviation of the urban heat island effect, savings in energy consumption, appreciation of real estate, to the emotional effect on citizens [1-2]. Municipalities need detailed inventories of urban trees to quantify those benefits, determine the return of investment of forestry practices and to set(More)
We used video microscopy to study the behavior of aggregating suspensions in shear flow. Suspensions consisted of 920 nm diameter silica spheres, dispersed in a methanol/bromoform solvent, to which poly(ethylene glycol) (M = 35.000 g) was added to effect weak particle aggregation. With our solvent mixture, the refractive index of the particles could be(More)
In Bayesian image processing Maximum a Posterior (MAP) Probability is achieved by minimizing the global posterior energy, where the posterior energy is the combination of prior and conditional energy function. In Markov Random Field (MRF) based contextual image classification and restoration process, Simulated Annealing (SA), a stochastic relaxation(More)