Valentyn Melnyk

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Capti Narrator is a new cross-platform application for convenient, hands-free consumption of digital content, enabling users to listen to news, blogs, documents, unprotected e-books, and more while commuting, cooking, working out, anywhere, anytime. Capti will improve the productivity of students, busy professionals, language learners, people with print(More)
In recent years, the Web has become an ever more sophisticated and irreplaceable tool in our daily lives. While the visual Web has been advancing at a rapid pace, assistive technology has not been able to keep up, increasingly putting visually impaired users at a disadvantage. Web automation has the potential to bridge the accessibility divide between the(More)
When a commercial entity designs a product, one of the major considerations is the cost of production. No matter how amazing a product idea is, how many features the product has, or how noble the cause is, most products will fail if they are too expensive for the target market or too expensive to compete in the market. Any website is, of course, a product;(More)
Once simple and static, many web pages have now evolved into complex web applications. Hundreds of web development libraries provide ready-to-use custom widgets, which can be further customized to fit the needs of individual web applications. Web developers are supposed to use ARIA specifications to make widgets accessible to screen readers; however, ARIA(More)
Screen readers generally do not recognize widgets that dynamically appear on the screen; as a result, blind users cannot benefit from the convenience of using them. This work describes the development of accessible web chats, a pervasive "go-to" tool in web applications for real-time communication. The results of a user study with 18 blind screen-reader(More)
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