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From June 1985 to December 1998, 173 pediatric renal transplants were carried out in 170 patients at our center. From this pool, 73 patients (34 males and 39 females) with a follow-up of 48 months were examined. In all patients, ureteroneocystostomy was performed according to the Lich-Grégoire procedure. All patients were treated with cyclosporin A(More)
BACKGROUND Patients undergoing kidney transplantation demonstrate a higher risk of developing cancer as the result of immunosuppressive treatment and concurrent infections. METHODS The incidence of cancer in a cohort of patients who underwent kidney transplantation between 1990 and 2000, and who survived the acute phase (10 days), was analyzed as part of(More)
One hundred fine-needle aspirations (45 percutaneous ultrasonically-guided and 55 intraoperative) were performed in 82 patients suspected of having pancreatic cancer, in order to evaluate the contribution of cytologic data to definitive diagnosis of this tumor. The overall success rate of both cytologic methods was 90.6 p. 100 in our 64 patients who were(More)
A consecutive series of 51 patients with suspected pancreatic cancer were studied in order to evaluate the contribution of cytologic data in establishing a definitive diagnosis of the tumor. A percutaneous ultrasonically-guided, and a peroperative fine-needle, aspiration were performed in 26 and 29 patients, respectively; 4 cases underwent both methods.(More)