Valentine Moreau

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This paper describes an intuitive control strategy for a four rotors vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) remote-controlled vehicle known as the "X4-flyer". A quasi-stationary flight dynamic modeling including gyroscopic effects due to the rotors dynamics is proposed. A nonlinear controller simplifying the vehicle manipulation and insuring quasi-stationary(More)
We report 11 cases of vermian partial agenesis without posterior fossa cyst or hemispheric abnormalities. Characteristic MR signs were: absence of the posterior lobe, hypoplasia of the anterior lobe, a narrow sagittal cleft separating the hemispheres (“buttocks sign”) and fourth ventricle deformity. The main clinical signs were complex oculomotor(More)
In this paper, we present a control design for the tele-operation of a miniature unmanned aerial vehicle known as an X4-flyer. A simple dynamic nonlinear model for the vehicle, valid for quasi-stationary flight conditions, is derived as a basis for the control design. To ensure the vehicle remains in the quasi-stationary flight regime the controller(More)
We describe the layout and unique features of the focal plane system for MIRI. We begin with the detector array and its readout integrated circuit (combining the amplifier unit cells and the multiplexer), the electronics, and the steps by which the data collection is controlled and the output signals are digitized and delivered to the JWST spececraft(More)
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