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Recent advances in technology involving magnetic materials require development of novel advanced magnetic materials with improved magnetic and magneto-transport properties and with reduced dimensionality. Therefore magnetic materials with outstanding magnetic characteristics and reduced dimensionality have recently gained much attention. Among these(More)
We studied the effect of magnetoelastic anisotropy on domain wall (DW) dynamics and remagnetization process of magnetically bistable Fe-Co-rich microwires with metallic nucleus diameters (from 1.4 to 22 μm). We manipulated the magnetoelastic anisotropy applying the tensile stresses and changing the magnetostriction constant and strength of the internal(More)
We present a concept and prototype of a memory element based on current driven magneto-impedance (MI) effect that stores the binary data (0, 1) as the orientation of the magnetization. The magnetization orientation in the surface layer with tilted anisotropy easy axis can be switched controllably between two stable states by applying current pulses of the(More)
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