Valentina Tobia

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The relationship between clinical indicators of peripheral perfusion and global hemodynamics after cardiac surgery was examined in 40 adults. We found no significant relationship between capillary refill, pedal pulses, or extremity (toe or finger) core temperature gradients and cardiac index (CI) or systemic vascular resistance index immediately after(More)
This study examined a simple technique for reducing contamination during catheterization of the internal jugular vein. Sixty patients were assigned randomly to receive either a traditional iodophor skin cleansing or an alcohol cleansing, followed by application of an iodophor-impregnated sterile film. In the cleansed with iodophor alone group, 83% of the(More)
The authors anesthetized 18 patients with good pulmonary and ventricular function for coronary artery bypass grafting with high doses of fentanyl. When the patients were arousable and their vital signs stable in the intensive care unit, the authors administered nalbuphine or placebo (randomly and double-blinded) until extubation criteria were met, and(More)
This study investigates the role of linguistic and visuospatial attentional processes in predicting reading fluency in typical Italian readers attending primary school. Tasks were administered to 651 children with reading fluency z scores > -1.5 standard deviation to evaluate their phonological awareness, rapid automatized naming (RAN), verbal short-term(More)
The efficacy of mechanical ventilation with positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) in the therapy of excessive mediastinal hemorrhage following cardiac operations remains unproved. One hundred thirty-nine patients undergoing elective myocardial revascularization were divided into two groups on the basis of preoperative hematologic evaluation: Group I, 94(More)
Local irrigation with gentamicin sulfate represents a possible substitute for neomycin sulfate, used for many years but now no longer available for use as an irrigation fluid. In this investigation, mediastinal irrigation with gentamicin was used in 12 patients who had experienced problems after a heart operation. The regimen employed for mediastinal(More)
This study aimed to explore the spatial numerical association of response codes (SNARC), the flanker, and the numerical distance effects in children with mathematical difficulties. From a sample of 720 third, fourth, and fifth graders, 60 children were selected and divided into the following three groups: typically developing children (TD; n = 29), children(More)
Despite their ascertained neurobiological origin, specific learning disorders (SLD) often have been found to be associated with some emotional disturbances in children, and there is growing interest in the environmental and contextual variables that may modulate children's developmental trajectories. The present study was aimed at evaluating the(More)
The occurrence of time processing problems in individuals with Development Dyscalculia (DD) has favored the view of a general magnitude system devoted to both numerical and temporal information. Yet, this scenario has been partially challenged by studies indicating that time difficulties can be attributed to poor calculation or counting skills, which can(More)