Valentina Senatore

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Sprouting blood vessels are led by filopodia-studded endothelial tip cells that respond to angiogenic signals. Mosaic lineage tracing previously revealed that NRP1 is essential for tip cell function, although its mechanistic role in tip cells remains poorly defined. Here, we show that NRP1 is dispensable for genetic tip cell identity. Instead, we find that(More)
An inventory of psychopathology (self-report and informant versions) was developed for mentally retarded adults. The inventory was administered to 110 retarded adults from institutional (n = 59) and community (n = 51) settings. Data indicated that both versions of the instrument showed acceptable levels of internal consistency and test-retest reliability.(More)
iASPP, an inhibitory member of the ASPP (apoptosis stimulating protein of p53) family, is an evolutionarily conserved inhibitor of p53 which is frequently upregulated in human cancers. However, little is known about the role of iASPP under physiological conditions. Here, we report that iASPP is a critical regulator of epithelial development. We demonstrate(More)
Depression and psychopathology were assessed in 110 adult patients (ages 18-71 years) classified as borderline, mildly, moderately, or severely mentally retarded. Patients completed modified versions of the Beck Depression Inventory, the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, the MMPI depression scale, the Thematic Apperception Test, and the Psychopathology(More)
One hundred and ten adults, from borderline to severe levels of mental retardation, were assessed through the outpatient clinic of a university-affiliated mental health center and a large state psychiatric hospital. These patients were included only after they had demonstrated the ability to respond to questions of similar difficulty to those presented in(More)
In the current study, two experiments were conducted to establish the reliability of a scale developed with persons of normal intelligence for the assessment of social skill deficits and excesses of the mentally retarded. The experiment was divided into two studies. The first was aimed at establishing which of the 100 items could be accurately rated by(More)
Thirty depressed and 30 nondepressed mentally retarded adults were selected from an initial pool of 110 patients seen at either inpatient or outpatient psychiatric settings in western Pennsylvania. These two groups were compared on each of 14 operationally defined behaviors in an analogue interview setting. Despite the fact that these behaviors are(More)
The role of apoptosis in melanoma pathogenesis and chemoresistance is poorly characterized. Mutations in TP53 occur infrequently, yet the TP53 apoptotic pathway is often abrogated. This may result from alterations in TP53 family members, including the TP53 homologue TP63. Here we demonstrate that TP63 has an antiapoptotic role in melanoma and is responsible(More)
Inpatient and outpatient, emotionally disturbed, borderline to severely mentally retarded adults (N = 110) were assessed to evaluate the relationship of medication to psychiatric diagnosis and symptomatology. Patients were assessed on the Psychiatric Instrument for Mentally Retarded Adults, the Beck Depression Inventory, the Zung Self-Rating Depression(More)