Valentina Screpanti Sundquist

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Human genetics link Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis to excessive accumulation of amyloid-beta (Abeta) in brain, but the symptoms do not correlate with senile plaque burden. Since soluble Abeta aggregates can cause synaptic dysfunctions and memory deficits, these species could contribute to neuronal dysfunction and dementia. Here we explored selective(More)
BACKGROUND The capillary microsampling technique was scaled down to enable repeated PK sampling of blood, plasma and serum from mice for the determination of the 14-kDa protein α-synuclein using the Gyrolab™ immunoassay platform. RESULTS 4-µl plasma, serum or blood samples were taken from 36 mice, in total 648 samples were successfully collected and(More)
Anti-apoptotic proteins that block death receptor-mediated apoptosis favour tumour evasion of the immune system, leading to enhanced tumour progression. However, it is unclear whether blocking the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis will protect tumours from immune cell attack. Here, we report that the anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-xL , known for its ability to(More)
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