Valentina Scavo

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The compound (+)-MR200 [(+)-methyl (1R,2S)-2-{[4-(4-chlorophenyl)-4-hydroxypiperidin-1-yl]methyl}-1-phenylcyclopropanecarboxylate] is a sigma ligand with increased affinity and selectivity compared to the structurally related ligand haloperidol. From the results of a previous study on the modulation of a systemically injected KOP opioid agonist analgesia by(More)
Repair of congenital right ventricular outflow tract obstruction often requires reconstruction with a transannular patch to alleviate pulmonary stenosis. Post repair pulmonary insufficiency with right ventricular dilatation and volume overload may result and lead to acute or progressive right heart failure. The use of a monocusp valve has been proposed as a(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical approaches to single ventricle variants include staged, fenestrated, and completed Fontan operations. This study compares outcomes with these modifications of the Fontan operation at a single center. METHODS Preoperative risk factors and operative results were analyzed by multivariate techniques in 129 patients undergoing modified(More)
BACKGROUND Noninvasive methodologies have shown poor sensitivity in predicting rejection when compared to serial endomyocardial biopsies. We studied the potential role of donor blood troponin T (Tn-T) as a marker for predicting heart transplant rejection. METHODS Blood cardiac Tn-T was measured from 16 heart donors. Transplant rejection and cardiac(More)
Various valved and nonvalved external right ventricle (RV) to pulmonary artery (PA) conduits have been used to palliate congenital heart anomalies. The ideal conduit has not been found. Reasons for conduit failures include stenosis, thrombosis, calcification of the valve or graft wall, and development of an obstructive peel. We evaluated valved and(More)
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