Valentina Santolini

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By synthesizing derivatives of a trans-1,2-diaminocyclohexane precursor, three new functionalized porous organic cages were prepared with different chemical functionalities on the cage periphery. The introduction of twelve methyl groups (CC16) resulted in frustration of the cage packing mode, which more than doubled the surface area compared to the parent(More)
We define a nomenclature for the classification of porous organic cage molecules, enumerating the 20 most probable topologies, 12 of which have been synthetically realised to date. We then discuss the computational challenges encountered when trying to predict the most likely topological outcomes from dynamic covalent chemistry (DCC) reactions of organic(More)
The control of solid state assembly for porous organic cages is more challenging than for extended frameworks, such as metal-organic frameworks. Chiral recognition is one approach to achieving this control. Here we investigate chiral analogues of cages that were previously studied as racemates. We show that chiral cages can be produced directly from chiral(More)
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