Valentina Rovei

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Over the last century, most industrialized countries have experienced a progressive increase in maternal age at first pregnancy and a reduction of fertility rate, with important social and economic consequences. Moreover in Italy a very restrictive law on assisted reproductive technologies was introduced in 2004, limiting its effectiveness and causing a(More)
The issue of fertility in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) has not been exhaustively studied. Epidemiological data have suggested that spontaneous fecundity might be reduced; several endocrine and sexual disturbances potentially interfering with reproduction have been evidenced in MS patients of both sexes. Moreover, some medical treatments used in MS(More)
The literature data available on pethidine and norpethidine kinetics in women in labour and in their newborns is reviewed and compared with recent personal observations. In pregnant women the apparent blood half-life of pethidine is not different from that in healthy controls, however, apparent volume of distribution and total body clearance are reduced.(More)
Dilitazem, a coronary vasodilating agent, after oral administration of four different doses, was well and rapidly absorbed. The pharmacokinetics of the drug followed a two-compartment model, with a rapid distribution and an elimination with a half-life of 4-7 hours. After chronic treatment the pharmacokinetic parameters were practically unchanged and(More)
A gas chromatographic method using either a conventional packed column (3% SP-2250) or a capillary column (SE-30) for the measurement of therapeutic plasma concentrations of tricyclic antidepressant drugs and their demethylated metabolites is described. The technique is based on a simple hexane extraction of drugs from alkalinized plasma followed by(More)
Binding of a new selective reversible type A MAO inhibitor cimoxatone (MD 780515) to plasma proteins was studied in vitro by equilibrium dialysis. Binding to 580 microM human serum albumin (HSA) and to total plasma proteins was 93-96% and independent of cimoxatone concentration (0.15-207 microM). The drug was mainly bound to HSA with two binding sites and a(More)
The pharmacokinetics of the reversible MAO-A inhibitor, cimoxatone, and its O-demethyl metabolite MD 770222 were investigated in eight healthy adult volunteers following single doses of 20- and 40-mg tablets, and 40-mg aqueous suspension. Cimoxatone plasma conc./time curves were fitted using a one-compartment open model, with absorption and elimination(More)
Plasma levels of antidepressant drugs were measured in 17 depressed patients at roughly monthly intervals over follow-up periods of three to 26 months. Good results in seven were associated with small fluctuations in level from visit to visit, while big fluctuations were associated with poor outcome. Such fluctuations were probably from poor compliance or(More)
An analytical method based on solvent extraction, formation of a fluorinated derivative and quantitation by gas-liquid chromatography using an electron capture detector has been developed for the determination of nomifensine in biological fluids. The specificity (controlled by mass spectrometry) and the sensitivity appear to be satisfactory for drug level(More)