Valentina Plekhanova

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Multifaceted knowledge encompassing people's qualifications, resource capabilities and compatibilities provides an empirical basis for organisations to learn from their experiences. This knowledge ensures improvement of project workforce quality, which is critical not only for modern processes but also to maintain a competitive superiority. However, many(More)
The review summarizes data obtained by the authors and other laboratories concerning the role of urokinase plasminogen activator in vessel remodeling and angiogenesis. The data have shown that urokinase is involved in unfavorable vascular remodeling during the development of restenosis, atherosclerosis and also in the regulation of angiogenesis. Urokinase(More)
Several factors must be in place to enable innovation to happen. It is recognised that the availability of information and information management tools and leadership style can all have major impacts on the effectiveness of innovation processes. Many problem solving methods exist for decision making and these can be used for innovation. However, any method(More)
Since around 1900, when Henry L. Gantt, a management scientist, developed a system of bar charts to graphically represent work on a time scale, project management tools have been used by project managers to assist with planning, scheduling, forecasting and controlling. In order to derive the most benefit from using a project management tool, it is necessary(More)