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OBJECTIVES Evidence suggests that childhood maltreatment may negatively affect not only the lifetime risk of depression but also clinically relevant measures of depression, such as course of illness and treatment outcome. The authors conducted the first meta-analysis to examine the relationship between childhood maltreatment and these clinically relevant(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the present research was to identify profiles of Cloninger's temperament and character dimensions associated with anxiety disorders, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and attention- deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD) in preschoolers. METHOD The parents of 120 children (mean age=4.65 years; S.D.=.88) completed the Preschool(More)
For the first time, we coupled reduced detonation nanodiamonds (NDs) with a plant secondary metabolite, citropten (5,7-dimethoxycoumarin), and demonstrated how this complex was able to reduce B16F10 tumor cell growth more effectively than treatment with the pure molecule. These results encouraged us to find out the specific mechanism underlying this(More)
Monilinia brown rot is one of the most important diseases of peach (Prunus persica L. Batsch). In this study, the susceptibility to Monilinia rot of peach fruit during ripening was analysed weekly by assessing infected fruits upon artificial inoculation. Fruit drastically reduced their susceptibility to Monilinia rot along with ripening, becoming resistant(More)
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