Valentina Morsan

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OBJECTIVE Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and premature birth are stressful and difficult experiences for women. No research to date has examined the impact of ART on mother-child relationship in instances of preterm delivery. This study explored the psychological status of preterm infants' ART-mothers and the quality of mother-infant dyadic(More)
OBJECTIVE Parental perception of a child vulnerability (PPCV) to illness, not justified by medically noticeable symptoms, is a situation well known to medical and paramedical staff. It is still disputed whether PPCV is triggered by the child's health problems or by parental emotional status. This review is aimed to clarify the etiology of PPCV in instances(More)
STUDY QUESTION Does a genetic link and/or a child's age influence a parent's willingness to talk to a child about how they were conceived? SUMMARY ANSWER The presence/absence of a biological link and the child's age clearly influences the disclosure process. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY The research published to date has yielded diverse findings on autologous(More)
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