Valentina Milana

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Leuciscine fishes represent an important component of freshwater ichthyofauna endemic to northern Mediterranean areas. This lineage shows high intra-specific morphological variability and exhibits high levels of hybridization, two characteristics that contribute to systematic uncertainties, misclassification of taxa and, potentially, the mismanagement of(More)
Karyotype and other chromosomal characteristics of the Appenine endemic cyprinid fish, Toscana stream chub Squalius lucumonis, were analysed using conventional banding and FISH with 45S and 5S rDNA probes. The diploid chromosome number (2n = 50) and karyotype characteristics including pericentromeric heterochromatic blocks and GC-rich CMA3-positive sites(More)
Since the introduction of nickel-titanium alloy to endodontics, there have been many changes in instrument design, but no significant improvements in the raw material properties, or enhancements in the manufacturing process. Recently, a new method to produce nickel-titanium rotary (NTR) instruments has been developed, in an attempt to obtain instruments(More)
The Italian bleak, Alburnus albidus, is a freshwater species endemic of southern Italy, that was recently classified as vulnerable in the IUCN Red List, due to the impact of introduced species. In this study, a combined genetic (mitochondrial cyt b and nuclear ITS1 DNA markers) and morphometric approach was applied to five populations from the whole range(More)
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