Valentina Mainero

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The high binding affinity between avidin and biotin has been exploited to develop a procedure for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) visualization of target cells. SHIN3 and PANC1 tumor cell lines have(More)
Pruritus is an important symptom in psoriasis with no targeted treatment. Tropomyosin-receptor kinase A (TrkA) is associated with pruritus and psoriatic plaque formation. We report the efficacy of a(More)
A new bifunctional octa-coordinating ligand containing an aminobenzyl moiety, DO3APABn (H4DO3APABn = 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-4,7,10-triacetic-1-{methyl[(4-aminophenyl)methyl]phosphinic acid}),(More)
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